Taking the Freelance Plunge!

Today I was the special guest at Startup Zone’s Coffee Chat, a great weekly event that puts active/experienced entrepreneurs in the spotlight over a casual cup of coffee with resident companies and local inquiring minds!

At the post Coffee Chat Pride flag raising at City Hall

I was overflowing with nervous energy as I arrived, but as the familiar faces started pouring in, I knew I was going to be alright. Besides, I brought gifts! And who doesn’t love a gift?

Stickers I designed and had printed at StickerMule for the occasion!

We chatted about everything from how I got started, to how to deal with negative brand ambassadors, how to cope with impostor syndrome, and what I hope to get out of returning to full-time freelance work.

That last question was a wonderfully valid question, so I decided to write a tiny post about it.

Just as everyone has a learning style, I feel everyone has a working style! Some people excel when part of a team, some people excel as leaders, some people excel when they can go to work at 9am and check out at 5pm and think nothing of work again until Monday! I’m not any of those. Some days I need human interaction, some days I need silence, others I need to put my work aside and wake my mind up with exercise or family time. Working in an office with a team is difficult for anyone occasionally, but being creative everyday with the distractions of an office can be impossible for me. By removing the social/office dynamic from my schedule, I hope to be more creative and do better work. I am looking forward to renewed energy in my career!

Stay tuned for all the awesome new projects coming down the line!