An intro to your Boss Babes


Chelsey is a digital marketer and designer & developer. Holding a degree in Science, she has married the analytical aspects of her education with the creative freedom of design to produce effective, high-converting funnels for her clients and her own business. She is motivated by the numbers and what improves conversion rates & revenue for her clients. Chelsey has worked with over 20 entrepreneurs to successfully improve their business.

Chelsey has worked on facebook ad campaigns for startups, to the 7-figure entrepreneurs, to large businesses. She has worked with small budgets from a couple hundred dollars a month to large budgets of 1-2 million a month. She has the foundational knowledge of what it takes to use facebook ads effectively to get a positive return, and the step-by-step instructions for you to be able to create your own campaign.

Paid traffic is my favourite way to scale a business – probably because I’ve found it’s the fastest way to scale your business globally.

But where do we start? How do we decide what audience to target? How much to spend – how to scale your spend? etc.

What is the difference between boosting a post and an actual paid traffic funnel? Why do I need a paid traffic funnel?

I want to give you the tools to know where to start and why running a facebook campaign is much more than just an ad – so that when you start to run traffic yourself, or create a campaign, you know exactly where to start or the information to look for.

Let me know if there is anything you’d like to learn specifically but I’ll include a list of things I plan to cover below!

  • The value of Facebook Ads (Paid Traffic)
    Why do I need a funnel if I’m running facebook ads – and what is that? (Cold / Warm / Hot)
    Defining your audience / buyer persona

  • An example of a facebook campaign setup
  • Doing a facebook campaign setup together
  • What kind of campaign do you choose? How do you choose your goal?
  • Audience, budgets, placements
  • Images and content


Sara Roach-Lewis is a business strategist. She will demonstrate how you can achieve more in your business in 90 days than most accomplish in a year. This model combines focused strategy and action that has helped thousands of business around the world grow in record time.

The 90 Day Switch: How to make more money in less time so you can grow your business quickly and profitably.

Imagine you know exactly what to do to grow your business. Imagine you know exactly where to focus your energy this year. In the next 90 days. And tomorrow.

This one-hour workshop teaches you a proven three-step formula to:

  • Uncover your wins
  • Get clear on your vision
  • Help you achieve peak performance, on your own terms.

You leave knowing what you should be working on right now. And with the tools for making your time work for you, so you can build the business you want.


Cassandra is a born and raised Islander who loves supporting and promoting small local business! She received her degree in journalism from UPEI and enjoys getting out into the community, meeting new people, trying new things and sharing her experiences.

Through building the online presence of All Things Active PEI, a health and fitness social media platform, Cassandra discovered a passion for creating content, networking and building communities online. She now wants to help other small, local businesses develop their social media planning strategies and management to take their online presence to a whole new level!

Cassandra currently freelances for a variety of publications including East Coast Living Magazine. She also writes a monthly column for The Buzz titled The New Creative.

Hey gals, 

Cassandra here – I cannot wait to share my tips on social media planning with you! I am SUCH a list person. I just thrive on a well-planned day. Some of the points I plan on covering with you include:

  • Why having a plan is important 
  • Planning tools for Instagram/Facebook
  • Creating your social media plan and strategy
  • Scheduling content in advance


Suzanne Scott is a second generation potter and the owner of Village Pottery & Potter’s Parlour in New London, PEI.

She’s also team captain of Etsy Team PEI and organizes three Etsy markets a year which have grown in popularity over the last five years.

Born and raised in Charlottetown, Suzanne wears many hats and is always dreaming up her next business venture or traveling adventure.

Along with Etsy team leader Kim Roach, Suzanne will cover the basics of how to make your Etsy shop stand out as well as give an overview of the Etsy markets and how you can help grow your business by getting involved with Etsy Team PEI.


Joyce has been working in different areas of finance and bookkeeping for over 40 years.

In 2016 she and her daughter, Stacey, decided to leave the businesses they were working for and live their dream of starting their own business. Their main goal was always to find a better way of doing things – treat their clients better, go above and beyond, and be more than the “typical” roll of a bookkeeper.

Back to Black Accounting Services is proud to list bookkeeping, accounting training, income tax preparation, and payroll management as just some of our many services. We currently serve clients from all of the Maritime Provinces, as well as Ontario, with Joyce specializing in Income Tax Preparation and Sole Proprietors, and Stacey specializing in Corporations and Quickbooks training and use.

When she is not hard at work, Joyce spends her time at home with her husband and 2 fur children, and volunteering in her community.


Kim Roach is the owner of Happy Sappy Mail (formerly Kim Roach Design). She’s an illustrator, card, and print maker who grew up next to the water, in North Rustico.

Kim now lives in Stratford, with her husband, Dwane and their pack of sweet animals but still hears the ocean in her heart. Currently, she’s a leader of the Etsy Team PEI and former board member of the PEI Crafts Council. Kim designs all the Etsy graphics you see during markets and workshops, encourages the team to vent, and keeps morale up! Forever a sappy optimistic, Kim loves to see the good and is always dreaming up fun new business ideas that will encourage and promote the Arts industry on PEI.

On March 24th Suzanne and I will answer all your burning Etsy questions – from best practises to photography tips! Come prepared with a couple questions for our Q&A session and together we’ll work together to improve your Etsy game. Don’t have an Etsy shop? No worries! Most of these suggestions can be applied to any ecommerce platform.


Heya folks! I’m Ashley/Ashe Green. You likely see my name pop up here a lot because I’m a small-business fanatic and I manage the Girl Bosses of PEI Facebook Group. I’m a Graphic Designer first and foremost, and have positioned myself as my own client through my various ventures, Local Legends Apparel, Paynter Co, and Love Notes Canada. I work as a Designer at Charlottetown’s Destination Marketing Organization –  Discover Charlottetown, I’m the lead for I Do PEI – Discover Charlottetown’s wedding committee, and a freelance designer for many of you! I love my job! It’s my life, my love, my hobby, my passion. I look at everything through the eyes of a designer. I specialize in logo and packaging design, but have experience in a large variety of projects.

On March 24th at 4:00pm I’ll be taking an hour to answer your Graphic Design questions, introduce you to some designers in the community, and chat about logo design, brand guidelines, general advertising tips, and what to expect when looking to hire a designer for your business. I can’t flippin’ wait!