Local Legends Apparel

What started as a way to put expats in control of the narrative regarding their choice to reside on Prince Edward Island, has blossomed into a full line of clothing specifically designed to instill pride in the Islander that wears them.

I hate the term “Come from Away”. It’s alienating. After hearing a few friends express their disdain for the term, I decided to use my design skills to create a fun and casual shirt that reflected what they really are – Honorary Islanders. They moved their lives here, they contribute heavily to the Island economy, and they absolutely love everything about the Island. Which is more than I can say for some born Islanders.

Honorary Islanders start businesses, they employ locals, they soak in all the Island has to offer, and they improve the lives of everyone here. They deserve a BIG high five and a welcome hug.

Some new Islanders embrace the “Come from Away” title and wear it proudly. You do you, boo! Just know you’re loved and appreciated. Thank you for joining us on this crazy little Island and thank you for enjoying our brand. At the end of the day, Local Legends Apparel’s sole purpose is to put a smile on the buyers face every damn time they get dressed.

Photo by Jake Arsenault