Skills Canada PEI Provincial Competition

On March 10th, 2017 the Graphic Design program at Holland College competed in the Skills Canada PEI Provincial Competition. Essential skills being tested were creativity, illustration, typography, color theory, computer and software proficiency, and time management.

I was asked by April Condon to judge alongside Mike Thomas and Lisa Stapelton. It was a rewarding a challenging experience. It reawakened a love for my job that I haven’t been feeling as frequently. By the time judging concluded I was full of energy and excitement.

Students had 6 hours to complete the assigned project, and it took us approximately 6 hours to then judge the final product. Fueled by Pepsi and Famous Peppers pizza, we got the job done!

Congratulations! to the top three finalists, Bronze – Joshua Allen, Silver – Skye Wylie, and Gold – William Alexander. Everyone did well and learned a significant amount from the process, and that my friend, is a win!